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Being able to defy gravity is a universal dream. Think of Superman, flying saucers or paintings by Marc Chagall. The only way to be weightless – unless you're an astronaut or a dreamer – is to immerse yourself in water. What's exciting about marine life is that it is not bound by gravity. I have always been fascinated by this. I scuba dive and have several aquariums.

If you lift an octopus out of the water, it will collapse under its own weight. My sculptures, in a similar way, have forms that shouldn't be able to hold themselves up. But what seems as gushy as a jellyfish is in reality hard as rock. Clay is earth, and it's heavy. It can be challenging to give it an expression of lightness. I'm inspired by this, and the unique forms of life in the ocean, the plants and animals that give the illusion of weightlessness. I don't work naturalistically, but chose instead to experiment with themes derived from nature. My hope is that this weightlessness will affect you as viewer, that you will feel weightless. Perhaps this is impossible, but it's worth trying – we all have dreams.